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Immediate Past Governor's Farewell Message

Hello West Virginia Key Clubbers!

Another school year has flown by - a year filled with challenges, accomplishments, friendships and personal development.

We have accomplished great feats throughout the past year and at “Licensed to Serve”, the 67th Annual District Convention. Through the District Project of Ronald McDonald House Charities, we served many of the families in our communities who need it most. Through the Governor’s Project, S.E.E.D., we promoted academic excellence and set an example for younger kids. We should also be very proud of our approximately $8,000 contribution to The Eliminate Project! Thank you for your unwavering support!

I would like to once again thank the people that make the amazing Key Club experience possible for myself, hundreds of students across West Virginia, and thousands beyond that. We have the Kiwanis Family to thank, in a large part, for the development of our skills and character, and for the accomplishments we make in our communities and the world. There are so many Kiwanians who I personally could never thank enough.

I also want to thank every member and every supporter of this amazing organization. You are part of the network which keeps things going. And, through your participation, we have continually grown as servant leaders, sharing laughs and frustration, struggle and celebration along the way.

As we transition into the 2013-2014 year, I hope that the passion you Key Clubbers have displayed for the Kiwanis Family will be sustained and even strengthened, whether that means continuing to be an awesome Key Clubber or moving on to Circle K!

Finally, I hope that you and your clubs will give the utmost support to Governor Kahlen and the 2013-2014 District Board as they take on the task of leading and sustaining the success of the West Virginia Key Club District.

Once again, thank you for the support you have given to Key Club, for your service and for your caring hearts.

Yours in Friendship and Key Club Service,
Haden Kersting
2012-2013 District Governor
West Virginia Key Club District

Governor's Message

Hello fellow West Virginia Key Clubbers! My name is Kahlen Browning and I have never been more honored than I am now to be your 2013-2014 District Governor.

For all of you who accepted our secret mission and attended the 67th Annual West Virginia Key Club District Convention, "Licensed to Serve" thank you! We truly appreciated your attendance and really hope you join us for the 68th convention. I hope that each of you were able to take with you all the friendships, leadership skills, and character building this event had to offer you!

For those of you who attended convention, you have a general idea of the direction this district is heading. While campaigning I made sure to emphasize a few goals for this district. Those being to bring back the enthusiasm for service to our homes, schools, and communities, and also to lead this district to greatness.

The first of the two is one of the most important. I will strive to help bring back the enthusiasm for service to our home, school, and communities. Virtually bringing this district back to the root of Key Club, which is service! This is our main focus because without having service there is no point in even having Key Clubs. We should all be out in our communities volunteering and making a difference! This is why the district board will be coming up with several innovative and unique ideas we can all take back to our clubs to help boost this enthusiasm.

The other main goal is to help lead our district to greatness! Each district has their own special quality that stands out from the rest, but within the West Virginia District we have so many defining qualities that we just can't count them all. From our hard-working members or to our truly energizing attitudes toward helping others, that there is no reason we shouldn't be known for our greatness! We are an extremely amazing district, that with the right encouragement and resources will succeed and grow in all that we do. Your district officers are here to provide you with that encouragement and resources you need. With all that your district officers are doing to help each and every member of this truly wonderful state, then there will be no reason our district should go unknown!

One last thing that we cannot forget about is how important it will be to keep all communications strong! Your district board has already started on how we can make communication with the clubs the strongest it has ever been. So be sure to talk to these wonderful clubbers on what you feel is great, and also what isn't so great in this district. We always value your opinion.

I personally would be more then honored to help you in any possible way I can. If you have any questions or concerns about the district or even just feel like talking, please feel free to email me anytime at wvkcgovernor@gmail.com.

Thank you for all that you do! Without people like yourself we wouldn't have the type of district we have. I'm looking forward to see what all this year has in store, as well as I hope you are also. Can't wait to see how amazing this year year will be!

Yours in Friendship and Key Club Service,
Kahlen Browning
2013-2014 District Governor
West Virginia Key Club District

Administrator's Message

Welcome back to school and another great year in Key Club Service.  The District Board has been hard at work planning for the upcoming year, and I anticipate an exciting and informative year.  I hope that I will see you at the District Convention. 

International Convention this past July at Washington, D.C. was a wonderful experience.  Thirty Key Club members from across the state had a great time in our nation’s capital, learning how to be better members, receiving excellent training, and enjoying the sights.  Next summer’s convention is in Anaheim, CA.  Start saving your pennies now! 

District Convention is March 28 – 30, 2014 in Charleston.  If you thought last year’s convention was great, wait until you see what we have for you this year. 

I hope you all have a great school year, whether you are a senior getting ready to graduate, or a freshman starting out on your high school career.  No matter at what stage you find yourself, remember that the Kiwanis Family is all about service, and that no matter what kind of service you perform, whether a small project or a large project, each of you are changing the world for the better.

Richard M. "Dink" Yurko
West Virginia Key Club District Administrator